Argos Spring Conference 2010

The Argos Spring Conference 2010 was held in the Park Suite at the famous Haydock Park Racecourse. The event was a chance for Argos to get all the Regional and Store Managers together to review the year just gone and to discuss how the company would be driven forward over the coming years.

Remote Audio Visual were given the task of making sure that the conference was engaging for the 300 strong audience in the very long but narrow Park Suite. This was achieved by ensuring the AV stretched the whole length of the room ensuring everyone had a clear view of a screen and could hear the presenters loud and clear.

A 10′ Projection screen was mounted in a staggered flat panel set and 2 further 8′ screens were placed either side of the set to ensure a perfectly unobstructed view for all in attendance. The Set was lit using LED up-lighters and the stage was lit using Profile Spots. All speakers were given Radio Lapel Microphones enabling them to used the full width of the 28′ stage to make sure all members of the audience were engaged.