Silent Conference Systems - Wireless Headsets

Our professional silent conference systems are the perfect solution when you are hosting an event in a complicated environment such as an exhibition centre or when you will have multiple sessions held at the same time in one room. Using wireless headsets you reduce noise spill between areas and allow your delegates to concentrate on the discussion without distraction.

Our wireless headset systems are flexible and can be used alongside the main event PA system, meaning you can run your event as normal with additional audio channels running a translated language or other helpful information to those who need it.

Some key benefits and use cases for our wireless headset systems include:

  • Reduce Noise Spill to Improve Communication
  • Simultaneously Translate to Multiple Languages
  • Run Multiple Sessions in a Single Space
  • Improve Audio Quality in Complicated Environments
  • Provide Tours With Great Sound Quality – Useful for Large Groups or Tours of Factories and Noisy Places
  • Outdoor Events and Events with Noise Restrictions
  • Corporate and Domestic Silent Disco

Our experienced technicians can supply and run silent conference equipment in conjunction with other AV equipment supplied by us or we can work alongside your existing team and equipment.


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