Live Event Translation and Captioning

Live Event Translation and Captioning

When you are holding an event with a multicultural audience, live event translation and captioning can help ensure your message is well received by all delegates, by professionally translating from the original speaker’s language into one or more other languages, live in real-time. 

Whether you are holding an in-person, hybrid or virtual event, we can support your translation requirements.

In-Person Events
In-person events will be translated by either on-site or remote translators. We can then overlay translated captions onto screens in the room, or the translated audio will be fed to headsets worn by delegates. We are able to provide multiple audio channels so the delegates can simply choose their preferred language and enjoy the event.

Hybrid Events
When you are holding an in-person event which you would also like to live stream to your audience around the world, we can professionally stream the event in the original language and simultaneously in one or more other languages. Alternative languages can be added to the live streams as either captions or overlayed audio translation.

Virtual Events
During events where all the speakers and delegates are online, we can bring everyone together by translating your virtual event from the original language and re-streaming this to be viewed by audiences in one or more other languages. 

We work with expert translators for all languages so you can be assured you will always receive the fastest and most accurate live event translation and captioning. Our most recent live streamed event was translated in real-time from English into Thai, Vietnamese and Korean. 


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