Wedding Live Stream – Broadcast Live Online to All of Your Loved Ones

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life, and we want to help make sure those memories are perfect!

With guest numbers limited and international travel becoming increasingly difficult, we are using technology to allow couples to share their special day with all their family, friends and loved ones online.

Imagine your beautiful wedding day, your wedding party are in the venue with you and everything is running exactly as planned… the only difference being our professional camera operators are filming the ceremony and streaming it live to your guests anywhere around the world.

We can stream live video footage out to your guestlist using a secure webpage designed especially for your special day (or to YouTube, social media channels, Zoom etc if preferred). We can arrange production of the live stream to include custom graphics, your favourite songs, pre-recorded video footage and even live music performances to ensure your day is unique and memorable. We can also encourage your guests to get involved with live chat, comments, and social media integrations.

After the event you will be provided with the video footage on a beautifully packaged USB drive, so you have the memories to treasure for a lifetime.

Additional Ideas:
Let us work with your photographer to add a gallery, so your guests can view the intricate details which might otherwise be missed.
We can collect the comments posted online to produce a beautiful guest book.
Integration of live twitter feed so guests can send photos of themselves enjoying your wedding from wherever they are.

We can even bring your guests into your venue virtually, we will set up large screens showing all of your guests live from their homes so you can have all of your nearest and dearest right there with you… Give them a reason to dress up and get out those wedding hats this year!

Contact us today and we will help ensure your online wedding is truly remarkable.