Jaws comes to Victoria Baths in Manchester

As the sun was setting in Manchester on Tuesday evening, film-goers from across the city were treated to a showing of the Stephen Spielberg classic, Jaws at Victoria Baths.

Members of the public were invited to have a look around this fantastic venue before collecting their complimentary box of Nestlé Curiously Cinnamon and taking their seats in the empty Victorian swimming pool.

Remote Audio Visual installed a 10′ rear projection screen, drape kit and PA system in the empty swimming pool to create a cinema feel in an unusual and interesting setting.

A suitably bright projector was chosen to allow a clear image as the setting spring sunlight was still pouring in through the huge glass roof of the baths, The XP200 with 7,000 Lumen’s was up to the job and provided a great image for the audience of 100+ guests to watch Jaws in fantastic quality.