Audio Induction Loop / Hearing Loop Hire or Purchase

Remote AV have Hearing Loop Systems available to hire or to buy, we can install for a one day event or we can professionally install as a permanent fixture in your meeting / conference room.

Remote Audio Visual have a range of Audio Induction Loop Systems to cater for all environments. If you are holding a conference and you are expecting delegates who may be hard of hearing you could hugely enhance their day by providing a hearing loop system to make sure they are able to take away as much from the conference as everyone else.

For small meeting rooms which do not need a PA system we can supply the Induction System as a stand alone unit with a microphone that will only be heard by people using a hearing aid.

For Larger Meetings and conferences we can integrate the hearing loop into our PA Systems which allows you to add as many microphones and speakers as you require for the space you are using.

If you have requirements for a hearing loop system either to hire or to purchase, Please contact us.